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2007 Photo Galleries


Friends & Family

A nice day with the Andersons

The Dolan's are here!

Maureen's parents, Jack and Marilyn come for a wonderful visit in Hayden after spending several days at Glacier National Park

Maureen's mom's photos from their visit with us
A nice walk along our local shore with the Dolans

An outing to the Old Cataldo Mission with the Dolans

At our nearby farmer's market with Jack and Marilyn

Come back Linz!  We had too much fun together and now we miss you!

Around Our Home

Each winter, over a hundred bald eagles visit to feast on salmon

Playing with the camera after work

A few photos from our local fair

Maureen takes some photos at NIC in Coeur d'Alene

One of many beautiful sunsets we get around here

Outings and Adventures

A short fall outing

Our last camping trip of the year was a lot of fun!

Not many photos but still a nice outing

A waterfall in the desert on a hot day

The annual Julyamsh Powwow made up of all the various tribes in our area as well as many from all over the country and Canada

North of Spokane

More exploring was required so we went camping again

A wonderful weekend camping getaway

A weekend outing to the area where I grew up

A family reunion of sorts

Another fantastic but rainy weekend outing

A quick outing

We had heard about it so we went looking and found it

Near our apartment - spring arrives finally!

A short but pretty trip

A long, gorgeous drive to the south

A winter wonderland

A nearby frozen lake on a warm winter day



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